Good health care delivery depends upon a cooperative and respectful relationship among you, the physician and medical office staff.

As a patient, you have the right to...
  • Considerate, respectful and supportive care
  • Expect confidentiality will be maintained by staff
  • Obtain from your doctor complete and current information on your treatment
  • Receive from your doctor information necessary to give informed consent prior to any procedure or treatment
  • Request and receive an itemized and detailed explanation of your total bill for services rendered.
As a patient, you have the responsibility to...
  • Disclose your medical history throughout your course of treatment
  • Cooperate with personnel
  • Be honest and direct and to understand the extent of your health problems and treatment
  • Follow medical advice, treatment, and drug instructions or to inform your provider if you have chosen not to follow that advice
  • Give information related to your ability to pay for services rendered, presenting current insurance identification upon request
  • Pay co-payments at the time of service
  • Keep scheduled appointments or to cancel them at least 24 hours in advance
Rights & Responsibilities